His Excellency the Egyptian Ambassador received President Lorenza Morello at Villa Ada

In a noteworthy rendezvous, President Lorenza Morello, Corporate Lawyer and Somabay Ambassador to Italy, engaged in a substantial and fruitful meeting with His Excellency Ambassador Bassam Essam Rady of Egypt.

This exclusive meeting took place at the distinguished Villa Ada, the Egyptian Embassy in Rome, and was marked by a deep commitment to enhance collaboration and exchanges between two longstanding friends, Italy and Egypt. The discussions also aimed at forging new avenues for professional and cultural cooperation.

The closed-door meeting underscored a strong desire to strengthen the bonds between Italy and Egypt, countries with a long history of friendship. It also aimed to foster fresh initiatives for professional and cultural partnerships.

This growing rapport between the nations has piqued the interest of numerous entrepreneurs, who have sought guidance from President Morello’s team on investment opportunities in Egypt. Egypt’s recent inclusion in the BRICS group has further elevated its attractiveness on the global economic stage.

President Lorenza Morello, who has spent over two decades in the enchanting region of Egypt, expressed her excitement about this collaboration.

She emphasized the potential for Italians to discover a new facet of Egypt through investments, promising substantial long-term benefits.

She highlighted the allure of open-air living, particularly in captivating natural settings like Somabay, and expressed her commitment to shaping a shared future together.

According to Egyptian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid, Egypt’s invitation to join the BRICS reflects its expanding role in the global economy. This development positions Egypt to contribute to the creation of a more inclusive and equitable international economic system that considers the interests and contributions of emerging economies and the Global South.

It is safe to assume that these crucial matters were thoroughly discussed during the meeting between the Egyptian Ambassador and President Lorenza Morello, despite the limited information available to the public.






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